Singer Mawhoo spends 2.5 million building her mother a house

Popular South African singer and social media influencer, Mawhoo says she spent a fortune putting a roof over her mother’s head.



Mawhoo, real name Thandeka Ngema, took to social media, revealing the news to her fans. “I spent about [R]2.5m building my mother a house.”
Makhadzi is another star who has gifted her family three new houses. The singer took to her social media pages revealing she bought a home for herself but only after seeing to it that her family members also have nice homes.The star posted a snap of herself sitting on a counter in her new home.“The first time I entered my house, I took this picture. My dream came true and I am proud of myself,” she wrote.

The Kokovha hitmaker revealed her home was the fourth house.

“I built my grandmother a house. Because my mom and father separated I decided not to choose but to build them two houses. Now I bought my own house!” said Makhadzi.