“Since getting married, my friend’s life revolves around her husband”: The Blind Spot

A listener shares that her friend recently got married, and she is more than happy for her. However, her concern is that since getting married, her friend has made no time for their friendship and is always with her husband. She feels her friend has lost her sense of self, and her life revolves around her husband. Reaching out to “The Best T in the City with Tbose,” the listener wants to know if she could be missing any blind spots.

“Uncle T, my good friend, got married last October. While I am happy for her, I am starting to feel like her life now revolves around her husband. Ever since she got married, she’s been like a shadow of herself. She almost always goes out with her partner, and if she doesn’t, she must leave before 21:00. She left social media, and she no longer drinks.


“And I know that when you get married, elders tell you that your partner must be your friend and you must not have non-married friends, but what’s weird for me is that my friend has been with this guy for years and we would all always hang out, so why the change now? Could it be this is the reason why they say you can’t be friends with people who are not married because we are not understanding? Would I be wrong to cut my friend out of my life for my own sanity? What could be my blind spot?”