Simphiwe Dana sets the record straight on helping an alleged abuser

Award-winning musician Simphiwe Dana has set the record straight after she was called out for helping an alleged abuser.

This comes after a social media user hit back at the singer who has been expressing her viewers on gender-based violence on her social media platforms.Simphiwe Dana

In a now-deleted tweet, the user said that Simphiwe was being a hypocrite by adding her voice to the outrage after she helped a man that was abusive.

Simphiwe said that at the time of helping him, she did not know he was abusing his partner.

Following the tweeps revelation, many social media users dragged the singer.

Simphiwe went on to say that her biggest disappointment was women who do not believe her because she is a celebrity.

“My biggest disappointment has been women who chose to not believe me because apparently ‘celebrities’ can’t be trusted to tell the truth. Women I adored. When I outed Mohale aboPenxenxe attacked me”, she tweeted.

The dragging did not stop.

The hitmaker, who recently released the critically acclaimed album, “Bamako”, then penned a thread detailing how she helped the accused abuser and how after finding out he had abused his girlfriend, outed him.

“I’m explaining this for the very last time. I’m not sure why it’s not clear but here we go. My sibling got a call from her best friend at the time, Mohau, frantic, saying that he was in jail in Kenya and that his passport was confiscated. My sibling was also frantic”, she said