“She owes me money” Watch as DJ Sbu responds to a tearful Zahara who accuses him of swindling her

DJ Sbu responds to a tearful Zahara who accuses him of swindling her”/>For many years to come, the Zahara-DJ Sbu feud will be remembered. As the days pass, East London-born musician Bulelwa Mkutukana, also known as Zahara, comes out about her tumultuous relationship with former manager Sibusiso Leope, also known as DJ Sbu. Zahara recently released a video in which she describes how her ex-manager and music producer, TK Nciza, allegedly duped her.

The background

Despite singing in front of sold-out crowds and delivering award-winning hits, Zahara claims she only receives R15,000 per month from her manager. During an appearance on Podcast and Chill, she stated she got paid very little. She claims to have forgiven her opponents, despite her recent behavior.

According to reports, the Loliwe singer is on the verge of losing her home unless she can secure R3 cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval Some of her supporters have begun a crowdfunding campaign for her, including the well-known BI Phakhati. #OperationSaveZaharasHouse was the name of the campaign.

Management’s response

During a radio interview on his Massiv Metro station, DJ Sbu denied exploiting Zahara. “I believe the public is entitled to hear the horse’s apology. I didn’t want to disclose this, so I remained silent the entire time, allowing others to judge me. “They’re allowed to do it because they’re our fans,” the owner of Mofaya energy drink explained.

Sbu claimed she owed him an apology and that they needed to make music together again, and he directed his words at Zahara.

“I only wish you the best, and I adore you.” When no one else was there for you and you were being judged, I was there. In your struggles and tribulations, not only me, but many others were present, but I do not wish to reveal that information right now. In the hospital, who was by your side? Who was assisting you in meeting your financial obligations?

“Because that’s the nature of Sbu, I’ll continue to thrive and pull other individuals.” I always draw folks in by shining my light on them. I’m assisting in the success and compensation of many artists in the industry. We made history together, just like Zahara, but I don’t like it when she goes out and claims I owe her money because she’s lying.”

Zahara, according to Sbu, owes his company money since she was overpaid. “If you look at the Universal Music books, you’ll see that Zahara owes us money, and she has no idea.” The corporation was expected to collect more than half of Zahara’s royalties, according to the agreement,” the DJ cum businessman added.