Shauwn Mpisane join Uzalo and fans cannot wait, see the role she will be playing

Shauwn Mpisane famously known as kwamamkize will be joining Uzalo on season 7. It was reaveled on Uzalo Instagram page that the famous business woman will be joining Uzalo. Many fans were left stunned and at the same time happy because they cannot wait to see what she has to offer. Now the curiosity as to which role she will be playing is what they fans also cannot wait to hear. But since Gabisile has passed on it seems she has left the show and shauwn might just be the perfect puzzle to fit in. Shauwn has had her own reality show called ” kwamamkize” but her fans never thought they could see her on their favourite show.even though Uzalo has not yet confirmed her role, can she be a perfect replacement for Gabi girl? And how will fans react to her acting? Please leave a comment below and express your opinion toward shauwn joining Uzalo. If an old character has to come back who would you prefer? Leave a comment and the name of your old fave.