Sfiso Ncwane dated the most beautiful women, between Ayanda and Nonku who is more beautiful?

Even though Sfiso Ncwane has died, his name will always be remembered because of the life he led and the mark he left. The man who sang “Kulungile” was not only a good singer, but he also liked attractive women. So far, we only know about two women who have been in his life. Both of them are good people with great style who are also good at business.






After Sfiso Ncwane died, Ayanda got a lot of attention, and her gospel group Abathandwa was making waves. This is how many people got to know her, but Real House of Durban is where many people learned about Nonku Williams. As always, both of the women are beautiful and smart. The star has never made a bad choice when it comes to picking a good woman.

Who is more beautiful, Ayanda or Nonku? Ayanda has fair skin, is a little taller, and has a nice body shape. Nonku, on the other hand, has darker skin, is curvier, and is shorter. Who among the two gets the crown?