See what granny did during a money heist that got people talking

The crime rate in South Africa is too much nowadays, to the point that people don’t care anymore, they are not even scared of being caught just as long as they get what they want to them it’s all about making quick cash and putting people’s lives and their lives For the past months, there’s been a high rate of cash heists.


In the video shared below, men are seen holding guns and running toward the van as if they were chasing someone, by the judge of things they were chasing the guards. But unfortunately, they didn’t catch them, instead, the guards managed to get away.

The shocking thing about this video is what people noticed during the robbery. As people were holding guns and chasing the guards, people noticed there was a granny who sitting next to the van, as people were run inng away from those guys. The granny just decided to sit down and do nothing instead of running away, it was like she had no fear of what might happen to her if these people can start shooting at each other.

After seeing this video people couldn’t believe their eyes as they’d never seen anything like this. Someone even commented saying Gogo has 2 lives, one with her and one she left at home. Her level of strength and minding her own business is special. Nothing will ever shake her in life.

While someone also commented saying When I grow up, I want to mind my own business just like my granny there.

Then someone also commented I’m not afraid of anything now, even that Tiger, I can face it now,🤔 Thanks Gogo for inspiration.