Seasoned broadcaster Marawa talks about his heart attack issues and death threats

The South African seasoned sportscaster Robert Marawa has spoken about his health challenges which has caused him to be admitted in hospital in the past. Not only that, but he even addressed some death threats that could have easily left him in the cold if he didn’t try to find resolutions at that time. Marawa had to change his ways after surviving two fatal heart attacks, which he feels that they were scary and wouldn’t want to go through that horrible experience again. As he didn’t know if he’ll make it out alive or not, but he was fighting for his life.




He didn’t want to let the illness take full control of his life, but he has to introduce a healthy lifestyle to cater for his heart issues. According to reports, the former SABC sports presenter barely went to the gym prior the heart attack scare, however things have changed now. Even though he said that he’s well aware of his heart issues, but he stated that there has been a massive threat on his life. As it seems likes he’s some sort of target and this was visible when he was hospitalized. “I was not exaggerating. There have been attempts on my life. Even in the times when people were saying I was in hospital because of a heart attack and it was my third heart attack,” said the Marawa Sports Worldwide host.

The 947 on-air personality stated that he doesn’t talk much about his life, but it hasn’t been easy. Despite, some people might think it’s glamorous and filled with money, but he has to battle to stay on top of things. “I never had three heart attacks but I ended up in ICU. The two were purely cardiac and health-related. That’s the one that was a direct threat to my life but it was reported as a heart attack,” said Marawa speaking on DJ Fresh Podcast.