Scandal|| Jojo found Winnie breastfeeding Nkazimulo and he was not happy

Winnie has been fighting with Mbali because of Jojo. Mbali wanted Winnie to leave her house but she refused. Mbali told Winnie that if she doesn’t move out then she would regret it. Winnie was being stubborn.

She told Mbali that she will only leave the house when Jojo tells her to leave and she knows very well that he won’t do that. Winnie was busy breast-feeding Nkazimulo, busy complaining about Mbali to him.



The door opened and she thought it was Mbali but it wasn’t her, it was Jojo. Winnie didn’t know what to say because she did not think that Jojo would come to her room unannounced. Jojo did not understand why Winnie was breastfeeding his child.

Winnie should have locked the door because last time Bridget found her breastfeeding Nkazimulo but she managed to cover up her story. Now Jojo found her, she has to explain to him.