Salamina and Howza Mosese talk hosting The Ultimatum SA

If you haven’t watched The Ultimatum SA, there’s no time like the present! *Also, where have you BEEN?* 👀
We spoke to the show’s hosts Salamina and Howza about this v reality show. They also open up about returning to TV after 10 years. Full interview hereSalamina and Howza’s are back on our screens after a 10-years break from presenting with The Ultimatum South Africa.
They act as a friend of the couples as they go through their journeys.
The couple, who met on Backstage, were adamant about not getting married for the industry.
Salamina hopes to get back to acting after producing local films and Howza is working on his music.
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It’s only fitting that Salamina and Tshepo ‘Howza’ Mosese – who first met years ago as part of the cast of the nostalgic soapie Backstage – make their first onscreen appearance together to host Netflix’s The Ultimatum South Africa.

The nine-part series, which is a spin off of the global hit social experiment The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On, sees six couples undergo a test of trust, true love, desire and honesty as one partner issues an ultimatum: get married or get out.

Viewers have been enjoying the reality TV treat as Salamina and Howza walk this captivating and drama-filled journey of love and self-discovery alongside everyday South Africans.

“I think [The] Ultimatum South Africa just gives us an opportunity as a couple to show the work side of what we do and obviously, lean into the things that come naturally to us,” Salamina tells TRUELOVE.

They share with us their experience and preparation for the show, love, marriage and everything in between.A sounding board
Over the course of eight weeks, Salamina and Howza share how they had become a sounding board and “friend to the couples” as the contestants put each other through the wringer of a trial marriage.

For both the stars who haven’t hosted on TV in 10 years, Salamina explains, “We’re a big brother, big sister to the couples. We cheer them on. There were times where, I know I did, where you’d shed a tear. Their losses, their wins. So, it was quite a journey. I think it’s a privilege when people let you into their lives. And we’re honored because there’s also a confidentiality that we had to approach this with and the respect for what these couples are putting themselves through.”

Being so involved in the emotional stakes of real-life couples is no easy task. Howza tells us how taxing the process was.

“Look, it’s challenging because you must understand that we are dealing with a show that has a roller coaster of emotions. And it will take its toll on everyone who’s involved in the show because you get consumed into each and every couple’s story.

“And eventually, remember once we were done shooting, how tired we were and how we felt like we needed a holiday because it’s like o ruile mathata a batho (you’re carrying people’s problems) and you almost have to also release as well.”

An ordinary couple
Witnessing the important conversations and emotional turmoil the couples underwent on The Ultimatum South Africa reminded the actors about the beginning of their own 15-year relationship.

And while the country views them as their beloved celebrity power couple, Salamina and Howza implore that they are just like any other ordinary couple and parents who go through their own ups and downs.

Marriage continues to be a learning process, Howza says.