RIP: Mzansi is allegedly saddened by the death of Zolani and Paulina at The River

This boy we know that he is a very talented young man, he has gained fame over the years of appearing on TV he gained. He gained Fame over the years of featuring different drama soappies. Wherever he has been acting, the guy who was outstanding. We have the seen him in dramas that are no most famous like Isibaya, where he was a colleague to Thandeka also nearly cause the romantic ship of Thandeka and Sibusiso to sink.,The guy is also featured in different kind of TV programs, most of the famous TV programs that includes Big Brother Titan.


On the River we know him to be a niece of Lindiwe, but they mostly his work was more of being a lap dog of this great woman. He was the one who was send to do the dirty work. Sometimes he was the one coming up with nasty plans of getting rid of Kanyisa diamonds competitors. He is reported that he was shot together with Paulina, the Shabben Queen. They will not be featuring anywhere in season 6, I guess this is their end at the river, well done for the journey that we have traveled together with them, they were phenomenal. We loved their work, but they say we meet to part, good luck with the next level of their acting careers.