RHODurban: Nonku Stood Up For Jojo After She Did This

As you might have guessed, there have been some unusual behaviour from some of the housewives, this has the viewers asking questions about the relationships that have been formed.

Now, Nonku decided that she was going to give her opinion about what she thinks is the reason the ladies have trouble getting along with her friend, Jojo.


In the past few episodes, we got to understand that nothing is going to change some people’s perceptions, Jojo acted out of character and the ladies refused to take any excuse for what she did.

In the latest episode, we saw a different side of Jojo that the other housewives regarded as destructive and when she left after the whole thing, some people were hoping that she left the show for good.

And the one person that the housewives thought would be angry was more willing to take Jojo’s side and defend her.

Some of the viewers commended this and referred to Nonku as a real friend, but others thought that she never calls Jojo out on her bad behaviour.

It is hard to point out what needs to change as far as that friendship is concerned.

But, viewers think that the friendship can be one sided sometimes, there are those who mentioned that Jojo would never defend Nonku the way Nonku defended her.

However, there is no telling because Jojo has never really been in a position where she had to defend Nonku.

Maybe she would come through for her friend, we do not know, but what we know is that, the two housewives have built some connection.