RHOD: She Stops Playing the Game, After People on Social Media Chowing her so Badly

We almost all of us know this gorgeous face, our star of the reality show Real Housewives of Durban, Kgomotso Ndungane. Now she left the show RHOD. She said, she doesnt think she will ever go to the reality television show again.

Being a television star is not an easy thing. Being infront of people can make you regret or need to be once more infront of them. People will always look for what they want to see, not for what you as a person you them to see.

Most people were annoyed of her character during the show. She is a jealousy person, who undermines under people. What she want, she only want praises to go for her only not for another person. Why was she crying even on that table on Lanconco’s launche. She said, it’s her grandmother’s birthday on that day so she misses her. Why all of a sudden?

“When I measure and question how I contributed to society through the show, it’s like no contribution ever…how has it changed the minds of the one that’s trolling people, it has not moved the country forward,” she tell TshisaLive.

That’s where the problem start from, she pretend to impress the audience, not knowing she annoyes the audience for being the person that she is not. Then the audience came back to her over the social media. She thought she knows the game up until she played it wrong.

She said, she wont go on to reality shows any more or she will be selective when it comes to going for the show. It seems so bad. Dealing with people on social media was a trauma for Kgomotso, she admitted that she went through a process where she could not want to go through the social media and read people’s comments from the trolls.

She said she only went to the show just to promote her business, not knowing it will have a negative impact in her life. Her aims instead became the opposite of what she was thinking, as she was reading the comments on social media. The hatreds from the people against her was so huge.

She did not know that, how dare you go after people they like, people can chow you into pieces. Remember on the last episodes of RHOD, Kgomotso told Nonku that Ayanda was talking behind her back, of which to Ayanda’s fans was very annoying.

If you want to play the game well, you better not mess with other people. Just mind you own business, thats all. Otherwise you will go die before time Kgomotso.

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