Rest in peace : Tokollo from Tkzee dies from epileptic seizure

South African have woken up to the bad news today, it has been reported that the kwaito star and also a member of the Tkzee has died today in the morning. Tokollo Magesh died from an epileptic seizure this morning.

His family issued a statement and they are very heartbroken. Tokollo was one of the biggest icons in South Africa. He loved music and he had an amazing career. He worked with Kabelo and Zwai Bala most of the time. People loved Tkzee because of him and his unique style of making music.








Many people loved him and they were looking up to him. Kabelo and Zwai Bala are very heartbroken, because they did not only lost a colleague but a friend too. South Africa should celebrate these legends when they are still alive and give them their flowers. May his soul rest in peace.