Remember Twasa from Jam Alley? She refused to age and she’s not having children either

Radio presenter and television personality Seipati Seoke AKA Twasa rose to fame in 2002 when she was the presenter of Jam Alley, a hit music show that aired on SABC 1.She was loved for her energy and the vibe she brought to the show. People were always keen to watch Jam Alley during those days, it had many fans, owing it all to the good work she was doing.





So many years after Jam Alley is no more, the former Jam Alley presenter refuse to age.Twasa still looks as young as she used to back in the days and this is all because of the kind of healthy lifestyle she is maintaining. Twasa is over 40, but her body does not show. Below is her recent photo.

Twasa is one of the celebrities who are over 40 without children. Twasa previously said that a child deserve to have both parents so she will wait patiently until she gets married because she does not want to have children who will be raised by a single parent.

Twasa is still passionate about the work of God and that’s what she talk about on social media. She grew up as a born again christian and still today she defends her faith. The Lesedi fm presenter does not cheat the law of the Bible.