Relatio nship coach Keletso told Ona that if she calls Soka that wil be desperation #HouseOfZwide

Friday 17 May 2024
Episode 220
Dorothy is blown away by Ona’s sketches for her wedding dress and asks her to also design Molefe’s suit and the bridesmaid’s dresses. But challenges arise when Ona can’t access the fabric Dorothy wants.
Monday 20 May 2024





Episode 221
Soka decides to explore things with Ona while still seeing Mampho – Sandile warns him that he is playing a dangerous game while Maria warns Mampho something is definitely going on between Soka and Ona.
Tuesday 21 May 2024
Episode 222
Soka is forced to lie after Mampho catches him preparing to go to dinner with Ona, but she later finds his pros and cons list for dating her and Ona.
Wednesday 22 May 2024
Episode 223
A costly request from Adani and Keletso breaking the wedding dishes by mistake, leave Molefe and Dorothy facing a wedding budget that is spiraling out of control.
Thursday 23 May 2024
Episode 224
Maria entertains hopes of being Isaac’s date at the wedding but as the budget continues to rise, a frustrated Dorothy announces that she is cancelling the wedding.
Friday 24 May 2024
Episode 225
Nkosi and Shoki feel they are inching closer to nailing Kopano, when Kopano calls Shoki in response to her video and reassures her – he will come to see her soon.
Monday 27 May 2024
Episode 226
Soka does some serious soul searching and decides to tell a heartbroken Ona that he has chosen to be with Mampho, he then makes a heartfelt plea asking Mampho’s forgiveness.
Tuesday 28 May 2024
Episode 227
Despite their happiness at being formally married, Molefe and Dorothy can’t hide their sadness at being unable to have a proper wedding reception.
Wednesday 29 May 2024
Episode 228
Ona does the mature thing and helps Mampho realise that she is making a mistake letting Soka go, Mampho then decides to forgive Soka, and they both agree to start dating officially.
Thursday 30 May 2024
Episode 229
Touched by Molefe and Dorothy’s situation, Maria ropes in family and friends to help her plan a surprise wedding reception for the couple.
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