Reasons behind Scandal actress Lindiwe Ngema ‘Nomvelo Makhanya’s exit revealed

Reasons behind Scandal actress Lindiwe Ngema ‘Nomvelo Makhanya’s exit revealed. Mzansi was left puzzled after it was confirmed that Scandal actress Nomvelo Makhanya who plays Lindiwe, was kissing her on-screen character goodbye. In the wake of her exit, she has been nailing the on-screen character of Lindiwe Ngema for ten years. She has fast become that star actress we all love to hate.



No doubt she has been making all sorts of headlines later after her exit news was revealed. In the mix of things, Mzansi has been wondering about the reasons behind her unexpected exit from the drama series. We can all agree that the bubbly actress has fast become one of Mzansis finest.

Nhlamulo and Lindiwe (Source Instagram)
Nhlamulo and Lindiwe – Source: Instagram

Today, social media was awash with claims that her relationship took a toll on her illustrious career. Rumour mill has it that she called it quits because her boyfriend wasnt comfortable with her new storyline and its intimacy. However, in the mix of things, the actress is yet to confirm if the reports are true or not. However, in the wake of her much-talked-about exit, the rumour mill has managed to connect the dots behind the reason behind her exit.

“It’s all about insecurities, her boyfriend has decided to marry her and he doesn’t really like seeing her kiss other men on screen. She will start taking gigs that are less intimate but that’s close to impossible in this industry,” one source revealed.

Mzansi stunned by the reasons behind Scandal actress Lindiwe Ngema ‘Nomvelo Makhanya’s exit
However, Mzansi was not convinced about the reasons behind her exit since she hadn’t been intimate of late. We can all agree that her character might have been affected by the change in plot and storyline. Her role as Lindiwe hasn’t had much intimacy and doesn’t have a lot of kissing with her on-screen husband, Nhlamulo. Fans have predicted that she will exit the show through death as their long sworn enemy Mdala comes out of prison and kills her in a car accident while pregnant.

Scandal actor Nhlamulo ‘Mathew Ranstoma’ – Source: Instagram@ mathewsrantsoma
Scandal actor Nhlamulo ‘Mathew Ranstoma’ with Lindiwe – Source: Instagram@ mathewsrantsoma
Her decades-old illustrious career has seen her win big in the entertainment industry. She joined the drama series at the age of 16 and went on to become one of Mzansi’s finest. Her unmatched acting flair has seen her being that actress we all love to hate.

Confirmed sources have since confirmed her exit. Taking it to Twitter, social media blogger Phil Mphela shared a Twitter thread letting the cat out of the bag about her exit. Rumour mill has it that she might have landed another lead role. Some are still confused about whether her exit is temporary or if she is kissing her on-screen character for good.