Rachel Kolisi leaves fans in stitches with pictures of her children going to school. Which 1 is you?

Being a mother is not a easy job, more especially if you love your children. There’s no formula for raising them, you just go with your instinct. Parents become happy when children are going to school and it’s perfectly normal. What’s funny is that an hour later they miss them and feel guilty of enjoying the peace of mind. Every parent has gone through this.




Rachel Kolisi is a businesswoman and brand ambassador. She’s behind the success of Kolisi foundation which is giving back to many households. She’s a mother to four children whom she loves unconditionally.

She shared a picture of herself and her children hugging, saying good bye to them as they went to school. On the other picture it’s a picture where she was celebrating them going to school. “Back to school today and I’m definitely somewhere in between these 2 pictures! Where did you land after the drop off? Pic 1, 2 or both? 😭😅”. Her pictures will speak to parents who know it is normal to feel this way. But picture two is funny.