R.I.P. Celebrity Make-up Artist Found Dead In Her Bedroom

R.I.P. Celebrity Make-up Artist Found Dead In Her BedroomShe occasionally worried for her life: The girlfriend of a tobacco tycoon who was a celebrity makeup artist was discovered dead.

Maja Janeska, a famous make-up artist and entrepreneur whose tobacco tycoon boyfriend, Kyle Phillips, assisted EFF leader Julius Malema in paying his taxes, has passed away from a gunshot wound to the head, according to the police.




The fact that the police have started an inquest docket in connection with Janeska’s death indicates that they are not currently treating it as suspicious, according to the police.

A call concerning a person who supposedly committed suicide in Bassonia Estate was made to the police. Police arrived at the specified residence and discovered a woman with a head wound in the bedroom. She was standing next to a gun. The paramedics declared the woman dead “said Lieutenant-Colonel Mavela Masondo, a police spokesperson.

According to reliable sources, Phillips claimed to have been present at the residence when Janeska died and to have hurried to the room where she was discovered.

Tracy, Phillips’ ex-wife, disagreed with this version of events but was unable to explain why. She claimed that this incident had left Phillips “devastated and in shock.”

He would “cooperate with the investigation,” she said.

Her family in Europe and her friends in South Africa are in shock over the sudden death of the well-known North Macedonian Instagram influencer, who had 1.2 million followers and included superstars like Boity, Pearl Thusi, and Tamara Dey.

The family was in “total shock,” according to a relative who declined to give their identity while speaking about the tragic news.

“Although this is all new to us, our phones haven’t stopped ringing. We are unable to travel to South Africa due to visa complications, therefore we are stuck in Europe. We have no idea what is actually happening while [Janeska] lies there in a morgue “Added the relative.

Janeska’s family was informed of her passing by one of Phillips’ former associates, who contacted to inform them that her body had been discovered and that suicide was thought to be the cause of death.

“She occasionally worried about her safety. She shared their terror of the men her lover employed. We are devastated and genuinely unsure of what to do.”

The relative also mentioned that Phillips seemed “distraught” when he spoke with them about Janeska’s passing.

Iva Ristic, a close friend of Janeska’s, described hearing the news of her early death as “heartbreaking” and difficult to absorb.

“When I spoke to her on Thursday, she wasn’t considering suicide. She did not fit that description “She spoke.

Added her:

In her social media posts and interviews, Janeska presents herself as a positive, ambitious lady who was determined to succeed.

Just nine days before she passed away, Janeska gave a speech to college students in which she discussed moving to Tanzania at the age of 19 after receiving a job offer to work in a hotel. She started her profession as a makeup artist and stylist there, where she also learned Swahili.

She advised the young people in her audience to pursue their ambitions.

“Even though life can have both happy and unhappy periods, you are the one who can and need to make changes. Confidence is not the same as desire. Because you can only succeed if you believe in yourself, “She spoke. Janeska was pictured with Bujar Osman, the minister of foreign affairs for North Macedonia, in her final Instagram image, which was published on November 22. A diplomatic relationship between “my homeland, the Republic of North Macedonia, and my second home, the Republic of South Africa,” she wrote in a post, was the goal of the engagement.

“My duty as a patriot was to embark on the journey of uniting the two countries and nations, and my love for both nations is what motivated me to do it. Amazing opportunities for commerce, education, tourism, and the exchange of cultural experiences have resulted from this partnership.

“I love and appreciate both countries with all of my heart.”