Professor Mamokgethi was seen enjoying her traditional food. Check her meal

Professor Mamokgethi Phakeng was happy to enjoy African food, and she is also supporting South Africans who are proud of their own customs and traditions. It was amazing to see people who are powerful and well-known like her supporting other South Africans who are competing with well-known establishments that are around the country. MacG, from his podcast and chill with Solphenduka, is always encouraging people to start their establishments or brands, and they should not have fear about it. He knows that it is tough for someone like him, and he shares the experiences he goes through.





Professor Mamokgethi has been supportive of local businesses or establishments for a long time, if you have been following her lifestyle. She is happy and does not allow people to decide for her about the lifestyle that she wants to live. She is one of the people who have been great and friendly, even when she was still working at the University of Cape Town. Professor Mamokgethi Phakeng had to recently come and defend the video clip she posted from a hiking day that was very cold but successful. Many people came to attack or drag her for that video clip, and she had to make people understand the liberation they were discussing on social media.

The statement she made had other people not understanding the message she was trying to convey and having to look for a reference to understand. It has been seen how she has been living her life since she was let go from the university. What she went through at the educational institution made her more well known to a lot of people. Bad moments in life may not make you go down, but they may give you an opportunity to rise even further than your have been expecting you to. That is where some people will not get worried about being dragged on social media—someone like MacG.