Prince Kaybee Is NOT Passing Down His Cars To His Kids

South African musician, Prince Kaybee’s love for cars is no secret, but the fact that he doesn’t plan on sharing his passion with his future kids – now that is a shocker! The producer took to social media on Wednesday, 21 October 2020 to document his time on the track, where he got to partake in one of his hobbies – racing. After showcasing a spin around the race track, the Hosh creator engaged in conversation with fans who questioned him on his overwhelming love for cars. In particular, some asked him why he chooses to modify his car to such an extent, as it completely diminishes the car’s resale value. Others also commented on his hobby of drag racing, as they also believed that increasing the mileage will decrease the price of his car. Making sure the tweep understood that his automobiles are his life – responded with, “We Modify, mileage is for people who are worried about selling their STOCK cars mate, do you copy?”.

Thereafter, the conversation diverted to whether Prince Kaybee plans on passing down his assets to his future generations, and well… that got a hard NO. He stated, “Actually no one is going to drive any of my shit when I die, the cars must get crushed on the day of my funeral. I’ll teach them how they must buy their own things like I did.”

His comments left his fans shocked, with some even labelling his ‘selfish’. “Lol everyone is shook, oh well, kids must be taught how to buy their OWN things!”, he said. The discussion then turned to his fans asking him if his rule applied to his girlfriend, Zola, to which he explained that his girl will soon be self-sufficient so that she won’t need anything from him. He tweeted, “I’m already getting her equipped so that she buys her own, so the time I die she will have things she owns.”

Prince Kaybee’s comments once again put him under fire, with a large amount of people dragging him for his supposed selfish thinking. Whilst people even called him out for being ‘stupid’, one of his followers attempted to give him advice about generational wealth. You guessed it… Prince Kaybee was having NONE of it, and took time to school the young man. He stated, “You see people misunderstand this concept, generational wealth is sustained by hard workers not someone that’s given handouts. It’s painful to see wealth being distributed gen after gen then it ends up with someone who destroys it, why do you think that is?”.

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