Prince Kaybee And AKA Hint At A Collaboration Tsibipians were found shaking

Post main imageAKA and Prince Kaybee both have a shared interest in cars and both make very good music. So when they posted a priceless picture of them posing side by side with their mean machines, a collaboration is what many fans are hoping for.

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The two musos with chart-topping hits under their belts are enjoying the fruits of their hard work. Prince Kaybee is working hard at completing his Project Hope album and AKA is focusing on his hit show The Braai Show With AKA and also is a restaurant owner. Surely they can make time to hit the studio.

Their recent picture had many of their stans impressed as they are flaunting their luxury cars. AKA revealed that Prince Kaybee actually has his name embedded in his car – which thinks is kind of lame. “@princekaybee_sa has his name printed on the side of his car, which I think is kinda lame)”The Braai show with AKA did fairly well when it first premiered and his 2.8 million viewers can all agree that it is very entertaining. As the show continues, AKA is out of guests so he asked his followers to suggest a few people that they would love to be on the show.

Prince Kaybee pulled through for Bhova as he will be featured in the coming episodes.

The Braai Show is a casual-style, light hearted talk show where AKA invites prominent people, from A-Lister to politicians and socialites, and breaks bread with them whilst enjoying drinks. It first launched on his online app AKA TV which subscribers enjoyed all 13-episodes in June.