Pray for Amapiano artists, here is what happened to two of them

Once again, bad news are circulating with regards to what recently happened to two of Amapiano artists.



Sibusiso Zuma and Reece Madlisa are both Mzansi singers known for being in the popular music group being Amapiano Group. The two together with others such as the late Killer Kau and Mpura and the remaining others were part of the mentioned group. It has not been a good year for the group members as they lost two who were part of them and it continues to get worse. Amapiano artists needs prayers as they continue to be followed by accidents wanting to claim their lives.

Zuma and Reece Madlisa are the latest in the group to be involved in an accident that almost claimed their lives. Their accident was announced on social media by a user identified as Musa Khawula with a picture of their car after being in an accident.

“Reece Madlisa and Sibusiso Zuma have been involved in a car accident last night. They are said to be both home safe”, Musa Khawula said on Twitter.

It has been long since one of their new members called Mfana Ka Gogo was involved in an accident while coming to Johannesburg for a music deal. It seems as if there is dark cloud hanging over their lives, Amapiano artists indeed need prayers. Meanwhile, the late Mpura and Killer kau lost their lives in an accident whereby they were travelling to Rusternburg for music purposes.

Whoever responsible for the recent accident must be arrested, something needs to be done with these accidents that continue to happen claiming the lives of innocent people. Rules of the roads are known but people choose to not follow them putting their lives together with the lives of other people at risk, they should be arrested.

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