Polokwane Prep and College distance itself with socialite taking a photograph with learners

The picture is now circulating on social media and there is another one in which it was away from school uniform or premises. They are children and no one could say no to taking a picture with Queen Minaj. She may be enjoying her freedom of expression, but it has now placed her in a difficult situation in which she may face charges from the school, parents, and guardians.

After she had fame for her first photographs, it was not accepted by other people then and some had to express their concerns. She was aware that many people were not happy and then made a video statement about their disapproval. She made it clear they were not going to decide on how she should have her lifestyle and if there was no history with you, then you should not have a say either.

She stated that those close to her could express their concerns and that they would be taken into account because they came from them. It was a bold statement that people did not have anything to say and accepted that it was not their issue to consider. That is where she continued to Polokwane and it did not go well, as an unfortunate part of her socialite lifestyle.