Pictures: Teacher drives the social media crazy by her body.

Buhle ” Lulu ” Menzizwa, is a Secondary School Teacher whose Pictures have been widely making rounds on the Social Media Platforms, reason being the way of her dressing in class. Ms Menziwa says though people on social media may think different when looking at her Pictures, her learners are not pervert minded like people on Social Media. The 26 years old teacher shared pictures of her wearing tight clothes while in class room and that’s what shaked South Africans.

Well according to her bio on Instagram, she’s also a Businesswoman and a owner of a brand called MadamBClothing. And also she has about 146 000 followers on her Instagram Account, this happened after some of her pictures went viral on the internet.

While the Secondary Teacher got flak for her dressing code, she has also got other social media people wishing to go back to school just to be taught by 2