pictures of lady Zamar that got people talking because of the way she’s dressed

Yamikani Janet Banda; known professionally as Lady Zamar, is a South African singer and songwriter. She was born on 19 June 1987 in Tembisa to a Malawian father and South African mother and was raised in Mamelodi . She mainly incorporates on house music.In 2019 she was a guest judge on Idols South Africa.

Lady Zamar was in a relationship with big Zulu the well known singer from KwaZulu-Natal, but later accused him of sexually harrassing her they went to court but the case was thrown out of court. From then lady Zamar has received some negativity from people on social media, but like any other person she decided to move on despite all the negativity, she received.

Like recently she shared some pictures of herself wearing a short trouser on social media and probably expecting some positive feed back, unfortunately people started saying some not nice words to her telling her she can’t dress like that.

As women it’s our job to protect each other by it’s unfortunate that we fail each other or is it because of jealousy or what. Some people are still angry about the accusation lady Zamar brought against Big Zulu, but no one knows what happened between the two of them that he ended up going in public and saying such things about him. Yet people hate her.