Pictures Of Anele Mdoda Before & After Weight Loss

The South African Media personality Adele Mdoda is looking fabulous and feeling good now that she has lost weight. Mzansi cannot help but to spotted her beauty in a picture which she posted in her social media page. Anele Mdoda recently took it to her social media page where she posted pictures of herself wearing a blue and white short dress and blue Drip shoes. The media personality is enjoying herself in Georgia.







With caption: “I got my peaches out in Georgia… yeah that’s it…”

Anele is currently in Georgia. She was attending wedding of one of her friend. She has been posting pictures in social media of the wedding and the couples. Anele Mdoda is not a new in the entertainment industry and she is not the first celebrity to loss weight. We have many celebrities who once used fat and chubby but they now looking beautiful ever since they have taken a journey of loosing a weight. The South African radio and TV personality Anele Mdoda is one of few celebrities who once look fat when she first landed in entertainment industry. Those who knows her will testify that she used to look fat. Anele have taken a journey to lose weight because she sees a need to change her body including a diet.

Her Fans are loving her new current weight. Many fans has been sending g their love to her new weight loss. Her fans have asked her not to lose too much weight because jer lovely smile dimples will disappear. She is looking beautiful in Georgia and judging by her eyes and look, she was focused on the task of the day which was look beautiful and enjoy yourself. Her fans has been missing her voice in the morning show. There is something about her and her voice that makes people want to listen to her more and more. She just makes things happen and used to morning stress free entertainment from her and her group. She has not been gone for a week but already her fans asking her not stay long.