PHOTOS: Fikile Mbalula Is A Family Man, Take A Look At his Children And A Beautiful Wife.

In a lengthy interview, Mbalula explained how he and his wife Nozuko’s inability to work through their problems eventually led to the end of their marriage. The current minister of transportation revealed to Times Live that he deeply regrets the death of his wife.




Mbalula said that she lied at the time and that she favored independent women. To his surprise, though, he recognized Nozuko. As if that weren’t bad enough, Nozuko said that he was right there with her the whole time as minister of the Metropolitan Police Department in 2016. Fikile Mbalula and his wife have been together for 20 years, during which time they have started a family and now reside in Johannesburg with their two children. Fikile’s wife is instrumental in the development of their three amazing children.

He’s raising three gorgeous younglings. There are three members of my family: two daughters and a son. To my eyes, the first one represents a young lady of puberty. The average preschooler or kindergartener presents as a well-mannered youngster.

Pikile Mbalula, a South African politician, is said to have lauded the family on social media.

Author’s Viewpoint

Mbalula, a prominent public figure and performer, sets a good example for males by prioritizing his family and providing for his children. More South African males need to take Mbalula’s lead and prioritize their families over their careers if the country is to progress. He acts honorably as a man of authority, which inspires the younger generation.

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