Phila Madlingozi and Bongani Fassie had mzansi in tears on latest episode of Down time with Somizi

Perhaps being a child of a celebrity or someone well known might be a dream for some people but it was a reality for these two. Watching from the outside can make you believe their lives are perfect however the two young men shared some of the most heartbreaking realities they had to go through just because their parent is well known.




Somizi’s latest show on 1 magic called down time with Somizi follows the lives of two celebrities or well known people who almost have similar expiriences. This week’s episode had legendary Ringo Madlingozi’s son Phila and Icon Brenda Fassie’s son Bongani.

It was a rollercoaster ride of emotions the boys laughed at some of their expiriences whilst others made them cry. Phila revealed that part of his depression was because his father was a celebrity and it cut deep that sometimes he wished he just slept and never wake up. What Bongani revealed he has gone through was really heartbreaking but the most amazing thing about this young man is how much he’s able to laugh through it all, the respect he shows other people is amazing.

Perhaps people should be more kind to celebrities and mostly their children.

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