Pearl Thusi’s burning question melts down Social Media

Pearl ThusiAs the world continues to fight the unprecedented pandemic of Covid-19, it is no secret that a lot of things have been turned into shambles. The number of Covid-19 fatalities and cases are increasing every day, the unemployment rate is up, and the effects on the economy have been causing headaches to everyone.

Actress and TV presenter Pearl Thusi, is also one of the people who are heartbroken by what has been happening in the world. The Queen Sono star took to Twitter to question if the world will ever go back to normal?Tweeps reacted to her tweet with different views. Some said as long as the vaccine has not been found, things will never go back to normal, but some said we cannot lose hope. We guess only time will tell Queen Sono.I don’t think it will ever get back to normal. Normally, vaccines take 10yrs to be ready for use. Expecting one soon is being too ambitious & desperate. Also, coronavirus is like the flu virus, & what if like flu it changes its strain every year? Coz flu goes & comes back.That question is too personal cause some of would die without making it in life.. We waiting for this pandemic to end so we can show the world what we cable of.