Pearl Thusi’s Biological Daughter Is Growing Up Well, See Her Recent Looks

Without a doubt, social media can make someone famous overnight and most likely the daughter of a celebrity. In recent years, celebrity kids would have gained a lot of followers just because of their parents and become an overnight sensation.










We can all agree that this global trend hasn’t spared the Pearl Thusi princesses either. Tandolvetu Mokoena is the daughter of Pearl Tusi and Walter Mocoena. Just like her celebrity parents, she is already enjoying fame despite being young.

Pearl Thusi is a well-known television personality and actress who managed to wow Mzansi during the seasons with her unrivaled talent. On the other hand, her father Walter is a football legend and derives fame from playing soccer.

However, Pearl also serves as a model and brand ambassador, as well as being a Mzansi favorite on our small screen. Just like his mother, Thando has found her feet strong in the South African entertainment industry as a rising model who has participated in several modeling shows. We assume it’s true when they say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

At the age of 13, Thando has already started to make a lot of money from her sold out concerts. This up-and-coming model has secured the show with some of Mzansi’s best clothing lines. Like other models in the art industry, she has recently appeared on the covers of several magazines.

Lately she’s been sparking social media with her fashion sense and it looks like Mzansi can’t get tired of it. We all agree that she is another Tusi pearl in the making. In a recent interview, Pearl Taka openly admitted that her daughter has become a celebrity despite coming from a famous family.