Pearl Thusi has opened up about being not-so adventurous when it comes to intimacy in the bedroom.

Post main imagePearl Thusi has opened up about being not-so adventurous when it comes to intimacy in the bedroom. One would think Pearl is an open minded woman seeing how she posts provocative and revealing pictures on the internet. Lest we forget she was also the very same girlie to pose for a condom brand.

However there is a line that Pearl draws when it comes to the bedroom. The actress who keeps her love life hush hush shared her views about sex toys in a random tweet.

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The Queen Sono actress who is a mother of two beautiful and growing daughters, Thando and Okuhle, whose curiosity is at it’s peak, said she opposes sex toys for that reason. She also opposes them because she thinks they are a bit unhygienic.

“Are y’all into sex toys? Low key I think they’re gross but I suspect I’m just more afraid because can’t take those types of risks with two kids in the house lol,” she said.The actress recently got dumped by a fan because of her controversial ways. Queen Sono is notorious for coming after people’s mother’s in her clapbacks causing her to slowly lose fans.

When she talked about her therapy sessions and asked her followers if they engage in therapy, she got dumped just like that, “You know I used to love you, but because of Twitter influence I love you no more, I know you don’t lose a thing from my dislike, but it’s over Pearl, I dump you!”

She might not have the best relationship with Black Twitter but that does not remove the fact that she has a heart if Gold. The TV presenter and musician extended a helping hand to expectant family, The Bala’s during their time of need.

Speaking to News24, Jennifer Bala, wife to popular music sensation Loyiso Bala, opened up about how they were left homeless for four months because of the pandemic. Pearl Thusi came to the rescue and offered a place to stay for the family of four – but soon to be five.“Pearl and I are really good friends. We stayed there for four months. We were blessed to be in that situation,” she told the publication. “Blessed that Pearl is such a good friend.”

Hopefully this would score the actress a few points with Black Twitter as they seemed to have cancelled her. Many even ignored her cry for Queen Sono to be renewed for a second season. What can we say, that’s the price you pay for coming after people’s mothers.