Milicent Makhado Dumps Abusive Husband The actress heads to YouTube to tell-all.

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Milicent Makhado is best known for her breakout role as Agnes Mukwevho on SABC 2’s Muvhango. The actress and creative launched her YouTube channel over two years ago. The start of the channel was a lot of hits and misses, but it seems that Makhado has now found her own style of presenting content on her channel. Her latest episode on her channel sees the star speaking about breaking out of abusive relationship- specifically how she got out of her own abusive marriage.

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The actress has never really shared the identity of her first husband who she alleges she faced abuse from. All we know about that marriage is that she finally left the unnamed husband in 2012, after she believed that she would never leave the marriage. But eventually she did and the latest video gives her fans and followers a little insight as to what was the needle that broke the camel’s back and had her packing.One thing that her story showcases is that it is possible to find real and healthy love after freeing yourself from a toxic and abusive relationship. Millicent is currently married to her second husband, Jabulani Chauke. The couple has a single child between them, with Millicent bringing two children from her previous marriage. The star neither shares her husband or her children on her social media pages. On Instagram she seems to have gotten the memo that all you give is soft-life moments.However, on her YouTube channel is where she lets us in a little more into her family life. Her children she credits as her “young content creators” for her channel. Millicent explained that the team of four are behind the camera ensuring that it is rolling, that her sound is on point and manage to snap a few pictures of her too. The presence of the young children behind the lens might also be the reason that she did not go into detail when describing what really happened during her first marriage.

With her channel slowly garnering traction and Millicent letting us into her world little-by-little, we can only hope that she continues to breathe life into the channel and continues to delve into sensitive topics. YouTubers love a good heartfelt story, how to cook and bake is sweet and cute. But most people who sit and invest in watching channels watch it for the real tea, because television would not dare go that far into what really happened.

It’s JazziQ Vs. Josiah De Disciple Or is it?

Post main imageJazzidisciples have split and like many a popular group or band splits, it was only a matter of time before the social media streets started with the conversation of who is the Beyoncé of the group. Jazzidisciples consists of two members; therefore it is beyond awkward to pit two friends and collaborators against one another. But then again, what would Twitter be if it did not choose to endorse violence at every chance it gets?

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The debate about who is better started with the return of the runaway Channel O hosted music show, “The Lockdown House Party.” For the first episode of the season two return of the show, one of the invited DJs was JazziQ. This marked one of his first solo sets on television, which affirmed the split for anyone that was not in the know because- lockdown means no groove for anybody.

His set was met with applause and kudos. JazziQ arguably started a challenge on the show as he was one of the most notable DJs to play an entire set without the use of headphones or an ear plug. The “Askies” hit maker played the music and transitioned by ear. The unique and practices skill was lauded even by the likes of veteran DJ, DJ Fre- and again maybe let us not go there.Now, Josia de Disciple made the lineup for the second week of the back-to-back weekend airing of “The Lockdown House Party.” Instead of just getting applause for his set and being celebrated similarly to how JazziQ was lauded over for his set, tweeps took it upon themselves to go onto Twitter and start asking the question who is better between JazziQ and Josiah de Disciple.

Zinhle Ngwenya is caught up in a car accident scandal that left a man paralyzed.

Post main imageZinhle Ngwenya is caught up in a car accident scandal that left a man paralyzed.

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According to City Press, in 2017 the actress was supposedly involved in an accident that resulted in a 33 year old man getting paralyzed.

Apparently Zinhle a red Toyota corolla as she was speeding, which she said was because she thought someone was chasing her.

Zinhle was driving her husband’s Porsche at the time. The family says they have been quiet for too long. The man was being nursed by his father but now that the father has passed away the family want the truth to come out. Sunday World has it that the accident also killed two people. “Sunday World is in possession of the accident report that shows that the accident happened at around 20:06 and that she was admitted at Union Private Hospital where blood samples were taken and showed that she was driving under the influence of alcohol.”

“The family believes that Afriforum will help them get justice just like how they managed to get Duduzane to face justice on a similar case,”In a strange twist of events, police spokeperson Kay Makhubela says there is no record of her case logged with the police. Meaning that she was never charged.

The actress is still mum on the case.

Makgofe Moagi took to her social media to share that she has lost someone really dear to her.

Makgofe Moagi took to her social media to share that she has lost someone really dear to her.

2020 was a difficult year for so many and those who were able to survive the year are grateful.

Well, this year has been one of a kind to so many most especially starting it with a serious pandemic.

Aside that, many have lost their loved ones far and near for one reason or the other.

Today, Skeem Saam actress Mokgofe Moagi, who plays Charity Ramabu revealed that she lost her grandfather who was almost a hundred years old.

Although, she did not reveal the cause of the death but many of her fans took to social media to send their condolence to her.

Makgofe captioned: “God was generous indeed with you, we had you for close to a 100 years. Le phetśe Rakgolo. Khutsang, ka kgotso.”

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Cassper Nyovest rants on how he made it this far without the South African Music Award (SAMA)

Cassper Nyovest rants on how he made it this far without the South African Music Award (SAMA)

Taking to Twitter on Saturday, Mufasa lamented on the corruption among the organizers of the award.

Cassper says what was once a prestigious award has now lost it’s glory, due to the partiality that has overtaken the system.

Zakes Bantwini and Chymamusique gladly joined the rapper in saying they are good without SAMA.

“Made it this far without a SAMA. Who else?” he tweeted.Cassper further said: “Do people even remember who won the SAMAs last year? That used to be the biggest and most important award for artist. Now it doesnt mean anything. You know why ? Corruption, they thought they were bigger than the artists. They disconnected from the culture. It’s all rigged. Dead!”

“Everything that is not fair will eventually collapse. Cheating doesnt work. Corruption kills government and governance. It’ll all crash inda end. Be fair , give what is due and things will fall in place. If not, things will fall apart.”