It’s JazziQ Vs. Josiah De Disciple Or is it?

Post main imageJazzidisciples have split and like many a popular group or band splits, it was only a matter of time before the social media streets started with the conversation of who is the Beyoncé of the group. Jazzidisciples consists of two members; therefore it is beyond awkward to pit two friends and collaborators against one another. But then again, what would Twitter be if it did not choose to endorse violence at every chance it gets?

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The debate about who is better started with the return of the runaway Channel O hosted music show, “The Lockdown House Party.” For the first episode of the season two return of the show, one of the invited DJs was JazziQ. This marked one of his first solo sets on television, which affirmed the split for anyone that was not in the know because- lockdown means no groove for anybody.

His set was met with applause and kudos. JazziQ arguably started a challenge on the show as he was one of the most notable DJs to play an entire set without the use of headphones or an ear plug. The “Askies” hit maker played the music and transitioned by ear. The unique and practices skill was lauded even by the likes of veteran DJ, DJ Fre- and again maybe let us not go there.Now, Josia de Disciple made the lineup for the second week of the back-to-back weekend airing of “The Lockdown House Party.” Instead of just getting applause for his set and being celebrated similarly to how JazziQ was lauded over for his set, tweeps took it upon themselves to go onto Twitter and start asking the question who is better between JazziQ and Josiah de Disciple.