Media personality, Anele Mdoda will be back on screen again as her show, The Buzz has been renewed for a second season.

The show will be on the newly launched DStv channel, Honey TV. The new season will premiere on 26 May.

Speaking to Daily Sun head of content at Honey TV, Zinzi Velelo spoke about the renewal of the show.

“The Buzz is a talk show like no other. You have strong voices from five opinionated women from across Africa. “The fact that the viewer can be assisted with their life issues by just writing to us and an entire half hour is dedicated to solving their problem is what makes it so authentic. Africa can now hear and see how other Africans live and navigate through life’s challenges,” she said.

The first season of the show was launched early this year, and Anele is one of the executive producers of the show under her production company, Rose and Oaks.

Anele hosts the show alongside Zimbabwe’s Davina Mavuwa, Kenya’s Rachel Mwangemi, Nigeria’s Pearl Umeh and the DRC’s Zanna Katoka.

Mogau PM gets her teeth done

Mogau PM brought fear into the heart of many of her fans after she shared a photo of herself at the doctor.The star stated that she went to give her teeth a medical attention after realising it has
gotten bad.


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Well, Mogau has made it clear she is doing fine and assured her fans she will not have any issue with her teeth again.

“Thank you again to awesome team @toothfairydentalclinic for being so nice to me during my time of crisis!! I promise to never let my teethe get that bad again,” she posted.


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Elaine spills the tea about her forthcoming debut album during a recent interview with SunBuzz.

The singer dropped her first single off the album some days ago and it was embraced by fans.

The 22-year-old said the features are amazing, though, it’s been rumored that Drake is one of the features. She also claimed to be vulnerable on the album.

“I explore topics and subjects I was too afraid to speak about before. Now I am just being honest and open about my experiences, troubles and insecurities. I was vulnerable on the album.”

“I’ll drop it the very minute I complete the last song.”

“Recording it has been an amazing journey, and people are going feel the growth and maturity in my songs. I’ve grown from the young girl I was when I did my EP,” she added.

The South African star who signed a deal with an international label in 2020, explained how it’s been for her with the new label.

“This has been an amazing opportunity. After I signed the deal, everything started growing. In the short space of time that I’ve been under the label, I’ve been exposed to so many environments.”

Speaking of her inspiration, Elaine said: “I’m inspired by so many black musicians because they’ve helped me fall in love with music. I’m inspired by these women’s dedication and hard work, as well as how much they’ve done in the industry.”

“They opened the door for young women like myself to succeed.”

Meanwhile, she revealed plans of relocating to the Unites States of America this year.

DJ Maphorisa says ghost writers need be credited

DJ Maphorisa has taken to his social media to plead with fellow artists to give ghost writers their due credit.

The star made this known through his Twitter.

In his words, Maphorisa stated that he doesn’t care how much they have to pay even if its R10m, they still need to be given the credit they deserve.

Many of his fans and followers agreed to his opinion and pointed out that ghost writers usually stay behind the scenes.

“I don’t care even if you pay R10m, still do the right thing: credit,” said DJ Maphorisa.

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She Was A Nurse That Was Married To Jack Mabaso On Generations But In Real Life, She’s a Boss Lady.

Many people actually get shocked when they get to see some actors and actresses off the screen in their actual lives.

• This is mainly because some of them are actually very much different to the characters that they play.

• This goes the same for Brenda Mhlongo as in real life she’s totally different to the characters that she plays on the shows that she has been on.

Brenda Mhlongo is a South African actress, singer and dancer who’s mainly known for her role as Nandi on Generations: The Legacy. Nandi was the wife of the notorious gangster, Jack Mabaso and she was also a nurse at one of the hospitals on the show. On the show, Brenda looked like just a simple mom who dressed like any other mother that we know but in real life, Brenda is nothing short of being a Boss Lady and Slay Mama.

When you take a look at some of the pics of Brenda Mhlongo, ,you see that she’s someone who’s very much fashionable and also likes looking good. This is however not really a surprise as one of her daughter’s is a Influencer and YouTube and she’s very much fashionable as well, so obviously she’s will also help her mom out in terms of putting together looks so that she also looks good like her.

But according to the daughter, she says that she actually got the talent to be able to put together good looks from her mother, Brenda. So this means that Brenda actually dressed herself and she definitely knows how to dress well.

Brenda is a mom of three but based on how she looks, she definitely gives off the vibe of a cool mom. But she’s not only a cool mom as she’s also a boss lady. In addition to her being an actress, Brenda apparently has a foundation called the Brenda Mhlongo foundation which she’s back to operating again as she took a break from it when she joined Generations; The Legacy.

Right now, other than the foundation that she’s running, Brenda is also on ETV’s Imbewu. She plays the character of Priscilla “KaMadonsela” Bhengu on the show and she’s apparently really good at it. If you wanna catch her while doing her craft, then you can tune into Imbewu: The Seed every week, Monday till Friday at 21:30 on ETV, DSTV channel 194.