Dancer Zodwa Wabantu shows us her Pure Hearted Friends

Zodwa Wabantu with Babes Wodumo and Anele Dladla

Popular South African Dancer Zodwa Wabantu shows us her Pure Hearted Friends you will never believe who they are. The other day dancer Zodwa Wabantu was showing us her snake on Instagram and now a few days later she is showing us who her friends are.

Believe it or not, Zodwa Wabantu is friends with Babes Wodumo and Anele Dladla. According to Zodwa Wabantu’s lastest Instagram, these 2 are her pure-hearted friends. You might think, Babes Wodumo Pure Hearted mmm, but Zodwa Wabantu knows that she is pure-hearted.

The video and pictures were captioned – Keep your heart pure ❤️ like these 2 friends of mine @dladla_mshunqisi @babes_wodumo ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Watch the video as Zodwa Wabantu was hanging out with Babes Wodumo and Anele Dladla…Zodwa is clearly a people’s person and she has pictures to prove it… Earlier she had shared this picture with her 1.3 Million Instagram Fans and they seem to like all that she sharesStarlet Simz Ngema and TV presenter Tino Chinyani really knows how to play their cards safe to their chests, and we stan! The couple recently shared snaps of Simz’s pregnancy photoshoot, letting the cat out of the bag that they are an item and we are all thought that their baby was still coming.

Lerato Kganyago spoils herself with a R2 million Car

Lerato KganyagoBlessings upon blessings seem to be falling onto our favourite Mzansi club DJ and Award-winning TV Presenter, and we just can’t help but congratulate her! The year 2020 is definitely Lerato Kganyago’s year, the media personality got engaged twice and she also had a traditional wedding.The car is worth R2 million. She had posted earlier, ” I can’t wait to pick you up, take you home to mommy!! Smelling fresh….my brand new baby girl”.She later posted images and videos on her Instagram unwrapping her brand new fancy car.Lerato Kganyago

Despite the fact that Coronavirus has affected many people including those in the entertainment industry, Lerato Kganyago decide to buy herself a brand new Porsche.

Basetsana Kumalo’s Letter to Clicks #DontTouchOurHair

Basetsana KumaloClicks has been trending for quite some time now and many celebrities have been outraged by the racism that was spewed by the advertisement, which categorized African hair as ‘dull, dry, frizzy and damaged.

She adds that the portrayal of black hair in mainstream media is also a disappointment. “I will not be silent when I see the continued portrayal of white hair as not just the norm, but the standard. Our hair remains important as an expression of individual identity…Our kids do not deserve to ever be subjected to adverts such as yours.

“Raising a daughter who embraces her true self is a deliberate act of service to her as her mother, who is her primary role model….I love my daughter’s hair, as much as I love my own….and for that I call your advert distasteful, disrespectful and disgusting.

Basetsana Kumalo

Basetsana Kumalo has released an open letter to the disgraced retailer that has dominated the headlines over the past week. As a proud afro wearer, she too was offended by the post and she shared clips of a scathing letter on behalf of all black people to Clicks and the hair care brand that was behind the advertisement

“As a mother of a beautiful African child, how dare you describe our crowns as dry, brittle and damaged…where does the buck stop? Did you expect us to look the other way as you subconsciously feed us absent-minded vitriol about our image as African people? This advert is not only utter rubbish from your brands, but a reflection of ongoing problems in this industry that dares to define what beauty is to any of us,” the letter reads.

Thuso Mbedu Plea with South African Men to stop gender-based violence

Thuso MbeduSouth African actress Thuso Mbedu is the latest star to speak out against gender-based-violence and plead with South African men to stop. Taking to her Instagram account, Thuso was in disbelief over the shooting of a woman at a police station.Thuso MbeduMbedu then pleaded with the men across Mzansi to do something. To speak with other men to change their ways because women can’t find this war alone. “To the men, who can speak to other men – do something. Obviously we are fighting this war alone and we are losing.”

She also pleaded with those who abuse children and sexual offenders. “And then just make them stop. Stop gender-based violence, stop s.e.xually abusing women and children.” She broke down into tears and couldn’t continue with the video.

The woman walked into the police station to open a case against her husband who had been abusing her. The very same husband walked in with a gun and shot her dead.Women across South African have taken to social media to voice their concern over the safety of their lives – asking, how is it possible that a man walks into a police station armed and shoots a woman in front of police.“I’m not a poet. I am not a musician and I am not a fine artist so I can not draw my pain.” Said a devastated Thuso Mbedu. “I cannot sing my sorrows and I can not find the perfect words to best articulate the fear and the state of mind of the everyday woman in South Africa right now.”Thuso MbeduThe fight against gender-based violence and s.e.xual abuse has been going on for years in South Africa and there seems to be little change in the behaviour despite countless pleas from women to men to change their ways. We hope that Thuso Mbedu’s plea does inspire change from our men as well inspire those who can make a difference to do so.

Simz Ngema’s secret pregnancy leaves tongues wagging

Simphiwe NgemaActress and singer Simphiwe ‘Simz’ Ngema pulled a Kylie Jenner on all of us.

Like the “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star, the former “Muvhango” actress managed to keep her pregnancy a secret from her fans.

Ngema and her model boyfriend, Tino Chinyani, welcomed their son, Tiyani Kemorena Michael Chinyani, into the world on June 22.

Breaking the news on Instagram, Ngema and Chiyani posted a four-minute video clip, revealing the reason why they kept the pregnancy a secret.“On the 23rd of June 2020 we gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Tiyani Kemorena Michael Chinyani and this is ladies and gentlemen is his legacy. @tiyani_afrika clothing brand, “ shared the Ngema on Wednesday.

Chiyani also unveiled the clothing brand named after 2-month-old Tiyani.

He wrote: “The Genesis collection – Birth of TIYANI!

INTERESTING FOR Ladies & gentleman for a long time coming, it’s been a vision of mine to redefine how we as Africans are perceived. 🌍👣

“TIYANI” seeks to infuse the modern aesthetic & with distinctly African touches articulated through the use of imagery, colour & unique design, to break boundaries & refine class whilst being synonymous with comfort & groundbreaking design. By marrying these elements I give to you what has been a dream long in the making. My legacy continued… The birth of my son; TIYANI CHINYANI & the gift of this brand. 🤍🕊”

Just a few weeks ago, Ngema announced her pregnancy with a stunning maternity photoshoot.

She shared a picture of herself in a floral bikini revealing her baby bump and captioned it: “Indeed there is a God in heaven. He wiped away my tears and gave me joy in abundance.”

In the Instagram post, Ngema paid tribute to her baby daddy.

Professing her love for Chinyani and their unborn baby, Ngema said: “You’ve brought hope and purpose to my life.

@tino_chinyani I will forever be grateful to you for this beautiful gift and for teaching me how to love again. I love you both with all my heart.”

Chinyani reposted Ngema’s snapshots in his social media accounts.

Expressing his joy and gratitude for their unborn baby, he wrote: “Lord knows how long I prayed on this moment & to be answered in the most beautiful way possible. I thank the Lord up above that you blessed me with your presence & showed me who I could truly be & for that I’ll forever be grateful.