OMW Sbahle Mpisane Just Revealed She Tried To Commit Suicide, This Is After Video Suefaced

What has this world come into? People have become so heartless that they just say anything to someone without considering that person’s feelings. It is really such a sad situation seeing that many people are committed suicide but we still have people who are just heartless.

Today is not a good day for the Mpisane family. Sbahle mpisane tried to kill herself, this is news that were really unexpected. This is especially because we often think that people who have money do not have problems. Sbahle Mpisane took to her Instagram, crying real tears after some random person slid into her dm’s and told her that she should have her foot cut.




This thing really affected sbahle to a point that she was crying so much, she even shared that she even tried to commit suicide. This is such bad news and from looking at this video that she made, things are not looking good.

We send her strength and prayers, we send her nothing but love. Comment with your prayers below