Ntswaki and Paxton leave Skeem Saam fans Amazed.

It seems like Skeem Saam is bringing another power couple which is getting their fans happy and glued to their televisions. Ntswaki and Paxton have a certain chemistry going on and Skeem Saam fans are excited about it. This has previously happened with Pretty and Lehasa, and the viewers used to praise the super couple.

Now it is coming back with Paxton and Ntswaki. My worry is that the two are still young and attending school. What if they cross the line, and we end up witnessing a scenario of teenage pregnancy. Will their families be able to deal with it?

But if this continues, it won’t be the first time that we witness a power couple of teenagers on Skeem Saam. We have previously seen it happening on the same show when Thabo Maputla was dating Mapitsi. The pair used to love each other, and they have a child together named Pitsi.

Some people have already indicated that they have hope and positivity on the young pair’s relationship. “Ntswaki and Paxton are the Bold and the Beautiful of 2023.” One viewer said on social media.

Another one asked if the pair is repeating what Thabo used to do with Mapitsi. “Is Paxton and Ntswaki the new Mapitsi and Thabo Maputla?”