Ntando Duma at w ar with neighbour

Ntando Duma will be appearing at the Randburg Magistrate Court today due to a fallout with her neighbour. The neighbour applied for a protection order against the actress on November 14 which was granted.Ntando has also ordered a protection order against her neighbour whose identity isn’t disclosed but is known to be a man.It was reported that the mother-of-one didn’t show up in court twice but made an appearance some weeks ago in February.Ntando and the neighbour had a fall out about children playing unsupervised in an area that could get them hurt and among those kids, is Ntando’s child.





A source says the conflict with Ntando started due to the neighbour calling her out after he almost bumped a child with his car.“The children were running around at the complex parking lot unsupervised.” The neighbour said he told the children not to play in the parking lot.“The children obviously went to report to their parents, who came to confront us in the roadway. This led to shouting between us, and Duma’s lady friend verbally abused us”and he described Ntando as narcissistic. “Duma was self-obsessed and narcissistic,’ he said.