Norma Mngoma’s recent picture causes a frenzy

Age doesn’t matter lately, we see mothers exploring with themselves and life. Life begins at 40 so they say. Which is absolutely true. All the grownups that are giving us chest pains with their beautiful pictures. These people have figured out life and they are at their prime.

Norma Mngoma is the woman she thinks she is. We have known for years that she has style but recently it has been worse. The businesswoman has been serving endless looks, the fact that she looks good in everything. She seems to be enjoying her new journey in life.

The mother of two has been going out pampering herself. She shared her recent pictures enjoying the pool on a blue swimsuit. She’s aging like fine wine. She needs to tell us what she’s using because wow. If it’s water she is drinking we need it. Either way happiness looks good on her. Indeed when life gives you lemons make lemonade.