Nomvelo Makhanya Spills The Beans After Being Criticized For Quitting Her Role On Scandal

Nomvelo Makhanya was sick of being criticized for quitting her role on Scandal, and in this video clip, she explains to her followers that she was forced to do so due to very difficult personal circumstances.

“I had no say in the matter.” They gave up on me, and there was a ninety percent possibility that I would have committed myself as a result.

On the television show “Scandal,” Nomvelo Makhanya made some shocking allegations about her experience. “However, that was God’s plan, and I’m going to tell you that with all sincerity,” she said.

On November 10, Nomvelo, who had previously portrayed the character of Lindiwe Ngema, made her last appearance on the program.

On Friday, a video of Nomvelo addressing the rumors of her departure and stating she had never decided to leave the show went viral on Twitter. In the video, she stated that she had never chosen to leave the show.

The actress claims in the now-viral post that Scandal! was a “toxic” working environment, which was one of the factors that almost caused her to end her own life.





She said something to the effect of, “I’ve been the one that’s been catching all the smoke,” which meant that she was receiving all of the criticism. She went on to add that it wasn’t her and that it wasn’t her choice to make that decision. They didn’t even bother trying to help me, to tell you the truth.

“I’ve been praying… I’ve been itching to get away from that location… Because I had been praying so fervently about it, when it eventually came to pass, I had the distinct impression that God was rescuing me from the harmful atmosphere. Almost certainly, I would have taken my own life. There was a one in two risk of failure. The should give you an idea of how terrible that area was.

The public has been put in a position where they can truly guarantee that they are successful in this scenario as a result of the tremendous support that she has received from a large number of her admirers who have expressed their agreement with the choice that she has made.

It is terrible that she characterized the location as having a poisonous work atmosphere because it is not a good thing, and it makes a lot of people question why that ever occurred in the first place when she is such a talented actor.