Mzansi:Here is The Best 2022 Inmate Matric Performers See Here

We college people of society to go back to school and study hard so that we can be able to change the situation you are facing through education.



A picture of the Minister of Justice and Correctional Services Ronald lamola with the Best performing learners with six subject distinctions each main many South Africans to realise that it is through education that we can change society.

Below are comment made by people.

Of course they got distinctions. Besides not doing anything for the whole day and getting fed, clothed and educated at our expense what stops them from doing well? Do they have to walk to school? The never go to bed hungry and have electricity 24/7. Stop praising these criminals.

Don’t act as if you don’t know some of these brothers are there for a crime they didn’t do so their life’s can’t be stopped.

In there there are people who serving sentences for crimes they didn’t commit. A little compassion nje wouldn’t hurt.