Mzansi Slams Musa Mseleku’s fourth Wife After She Did This On #Uthandonesthembu show

Mbali, Musa Mseleku’s fourth wife, has been identified as a problem in the #Uthandonesthembu show. This came when it was discovered that she makes little attempt to attend family gatherings.

MaNgwabe is the primary character who is just concerned with herself. It was Mpumelelo’s daughter’s birthday, and MaNgwabe arrived late, just as the celebration was about to end. MaNgwabe stated that she was late because she needed to go get her mother and transport her to her brother’s house.





Many supporters have expressed their dissatisfaction with MaNgwabe. This isn’t the first time she’s done anything like this. Viewers began to criticize her after she refused to let Musa take number 5 as he was also greeted by three wives.

Mzans is certain Musa does not call her out. She wouldn’t be acting this way if he didn’t. People believe she wants MaCele or MaYeni to deal with her.

It’s no secret that the other wives are tired of her attitude. She doesn’t want to pull her weight every time anything comes up, but she does want to be recognized as an equal. MaCele was likewise irritated to see MaNgwabe arrive late. MaCele becomes irritated when she notices MaNgwabe laughing.

We’ve been following the Mselekus since the inaugural season. We’ve discovered that MaCele, MaYeni, and MaKhumalo work nicely together. MaNgwabe is the lone one who does not have any relationships with the other wives.

People are accusing her of being selfish and acting like a spoilt brat. MaNgwabe had no acceptable justification for being late to the party; she doesn’t pull her weight, and yet she expects to be treated the same as the rest.