Mzansi left in awe after a very young Celebrity by the name Young stunna allegedly uncut and dating five women

His recent link alleged to be 17 years old.
Sandile Msimango, popularly known as Young Stunna, burst into the music scene in 2021. Since then he has become a household name with a list of hits enough for him to carry an entire 45 minute set alone. Beloved for his lyrical prowess and initial fashion sense, the rapper turned Amapiano musician recently has made more headlines for his questionable dressing sense and the alleged string of girlfriends he has. This follows the revelation of what is suspected to be his fifth girlfriend. A girlfriend who is believed to be under the age of 18.

Young Stunna and his fashion pursuits

Before South Africans could put a face to a name, Young Stunna was the voice behind the Amapiano “protest song” against COVID-19 restrictions and regulations, particularly the curfew, with the hit single

POPcast, the rapper would affirm his intentions to create his own fashion line.

The first roll out was in June 2022, with the release of his limited merchandise with RedBat. But that took a turn as social media took turns discussing whether or not he deserves a fashion line. More especially as he was experimental with his fashion sense recently. A fact which was sometimes a hit and sometimes was not so much a winner with the public.

Young Stunna allegedly uncut and dating five women

Things got even more awkward in May 2022, when Musa Khawula took to Twitter to first alleged that Young Stunna was dating two young women simultaneously. But cheating is not new in South Ah, therefore, the news did not break the internet. That is until, it was suggested that more than the two girlfriends that he had, Khawula would reveal that

Young Stunna did not just have two, or three but a total of four girlfriends. Young Stunna did not bother to comment on the issue, which led to social media speculating by themselves on the matter. But it slowly took a turn for the worst when the 22-year-old was bodyshamed as he was dragged for allegedly looking like he was supposed to be diagnosed with Down Syndrome.

But as a new month was ushered in, Young Stunna would make headlines again. This time for allegedly being in a relationship with a fifth young woman. A young woman who is reportedly 17 years old. A fact which makes her of consenting age and five years younger than the Notumato hitmaker. But that did not stop the comparisons between him and Busta 929.

Moreover, one tweep left many shook when they suggested that they have it on good authority that the musician is uncircumcised. A fact which again has not been confirmed nor denied.