Mzansi Is Not Happy With Gogo Skhotheni After She Did This To Her Husband

Gogo Skhotheni has left viewers disappointed after hearing that she uses love Potion to her husband. Gogo Skhotheni whose real name is Tumi is popular known as a South African healer and a sangoma who rose to fame from her reality tv show #GogoSkhotheni.

Gogo Skhotheni has been making headlines after she revealed to her husband that her ancestors have instructed her to be in polygamous. Viewers has been reacting to the decision she made and also to humiliate her husband Monde. In the last episode we saw Monde and Gogo Skhotheni going to a doctor for a check up. Gogo Skhotheni has told Monde that the there are chances that the child could not be his.




Her mother does not agree with the decision that she made. We saw on TV as she told her that she does not approved what she is doing more special to Monde. We also saw Monde telling her family that he was to go and finish paying lobola to Gogo Skhotheni. He said that he want to make her his official wife.

Gogo said that both of her husband are not going anywhere. It seems like we will be seeing more of them. According to TimesLIVE Gogo Skhotheni has confessed of giving her second husband love Potion. Gogo has told the media that her second husband has a jealous and this is the 8tber reason why she gives him isdliso (Love Potion). Apparently Gogo Skhotheni is the one who calls a shots in their relationship. She said that both of them had to get along and be one and in order of this to take place she is forced to give the muthi (Love Potion).

It’s sad that both of her husband are not aware that she is using a muthi to get together. Mzansi is snow convinced that Gogo is practising witchcraft which is something that everyone who is a sangoma is lucky to get herself into.