My worse nightmare has become a reality, Shona Ferguson daughter shares a heart felt message

The daughter of the tv producer and actor Shona Ferguson has shared a heartfelt moment about the death of his father who died on Friday, due to the Covid19 pandemic which put him in the hospital for a couple of these days, where he was fighting for his life on the ICU.




This has caused the daughter of this well-known tv shop producer were she did not believe what has just happened after he was fearing for it to happen we’re he saw his father fighting for his life in the hospital bed, but this has come real after have didn’t think that this will be real.

My worse nightmare has become a reality after says the daughter of the famous who has passed away due to coronavirus disease which has caused harm to many people across the country, can this be a lesson to many people that this thing is real and is taken the lives of many people.

Ferguson is well respected in the country and this has caused a huge to the entertainment industry where he just builds a product that has to produce many dramas, on the television screens, and they have won the hearts of many people across the country.

The family has not announced the details of his funeral as they are trying to deal with this tragedy that has strike for their family which may take a while before they can forget about it, and this has also caused a huge sadness to his colleagues who work together with him in the drama.

Daughters love their fathers so much and it is very bad to see them dying like on the time that they could have stayed home this Sunday and spend with their family, but all moment has gone as they won’t amend this Christmas with all their loved ones at home because their father is no more.