Muvhango: Rendani will regret recording Tshireletso’s confession, See how he will try to kill her

It seems Rendani always fails when it comes to love, everyone comes in her life for the wrong reasons and we thought that she had finally found the love she has always wanted in Tshireletso not knowing that he also has an agenda. Now Rendani is in prison for something she did not do and its all because of Tshireletso, if she doesn’t get the truth she might spend her whole life in prison. Its seems she might have found a way to make him confess but she will be putting her life at risk by doing that.



That was stupid of her. She shouldn’t have told Him that she recorded him. Atleast that recording she should have kept it and play it for her colleagues.The time tshire was seen on camera with rendani’s laptop, should it correspond with the time the money was transferred from mmc account Tshire will still be bursted, otherwise was too forward to show him the recording she should sent it to someone via email or WhatsApp so that should tshure delete it, she then remain with the one she sent, but maybe kgosi with his IT skills will come to her aid and recover it should he delete it.

Rendani she’s too forward to a point where she do not realise when she’s getting her self in danger, but did you see Tshireletso after hearing the recording that reaction he was doing with his mouth like he’s about to have stroke. Lets hope Imani will come back to rescue Rendani, I want Tshireletso to get arrested and see what Tendamudzimu will say about his nephew.

I thought she will be smart this time but myb she sent it to someone n I know if you hurt by someone you love you fail to control yourself. I bet its already sent to sum1…myb imani or Gugu then the police wil come to rendis house unexpectedly to rescue her. There is no way that Tshire will get away with this justice will have to play its part and put him behind bars.