Muvhango Actors And Actresses Allegedly On Strike Because Of Unpaid Salaries

From the outside, working in the entertainment industry might seem like glitz and glamour, and many people do not know or are not aware of what happens behind closed doors when these entertainers who seem like they are happy and enjoy their working environment actually enter the working spaces and start working. Every workplace has its own issues that employees deal with, and eventually those issues get fixed, but it seems like things in the South African entertainment industry are becoming much more favourable for artists, especially in terms of being paid for their work.




Sir The South African entertainment industry is not a big one, but it is manageable, and when it comes to soapie dramas, South Africans always stay in tune for those on a daily basis during the week. And they enjoy watching beloved soapies like Muvhango, which is a Tshivenda drama based on characters that are both from Venda and Gauteng.

This drama soap has been broadcast on television for many years, and it is still one of the most watched South African shows. And even when it has made a name for itself, it is also experiencing some kind of financial difficulty. The actors and actresses on the show might seem happy on camera, but behind the scenes, it is alleged that many of them decided to strike over unpaid salaries.

And this is the 2nd strike in 3 months, and it is also reported that a few weeks ago, a production company decided to fire the CEO for allegedly misusing the funds that were meant for the drama show. Some of the entertainers on the show have stated that they were told there is no money so their salaries won’t be paid; this has resulted in those actors who come from as far as Venda and who came to shoot a scene in Gauteng returning back to Venda deciding to go on strike.