Musa Mseleku target girls before they start reasoning. He maŕried MaKhumalo when she was still a teenage.

Musa Mseleku target girls before they start reasoning. He maŕried MaKhumalo when she was still a teenage.South African reality television star Musa Mseleku recently took to social media to pen a heartfelt birthday message to his wife, MaKhumalo, reflecting on their journey together. In his touching tribute, Mseleku reminisced about their early days and celebrated MaKhumalo’s resilience and achievements.Mseleku shared a poignant message, revealing that he married MaKhumalo when she was just 18 years old. He highlighted her courage and fighting spirit, acknowledging the challenges they faced as a couple. Despite the skepticism from others, Mseleku expressed his unwavering belief in MaKhumalo’s potential and his commitment to supporting her dreams.

“When I said to INdlunkulu MaKhumalo, come with me, I will put you in a place where dreams come true, many people tried to convince her otherwise,” Mseleku wrote in his message. “Today, we are celebrating her 35th birthday, and her paid partnership with one of the great leading clothing stores in South Africa, Miladys.”The reality TV star went on to express his pride in MaKhumalo’s accomplishments, emphasizing the significance of her partnership with Miladys. He expressed confidence in their shared vision and hinted at exciting opportunities on the horizon.

“Today and before, I feel I am vindicated in my vision,” Mseleku continued. “Those who don’t see where we are going and why I call them o Ndlunkulu, wait and see. Great is yet to come.”

Mseleku concluded his message with gratitude towards his wife for embracing his vision, expressing hope that they would continue their journey together. He encouraged followers to visit Miladys and admire MaKhumalo’s pictures displayed in the store.

The heartfelt tribute from Musa Mseleku to his wife MaKhumalo resonated with fans, drawing admiration for their enduring love and partnership. As they celebrate MaKhumalo’s birthday and reflect on their journey together, the couple serves as an inspiring example of resilience, commitment, and unwavering support.