Musa Mseleku Is Left Disappointed By His Son Who Is Following His Footsteps

The polygamist Musa Mseleku is shocked to see his son┬áMupumelo getting into polygamy. Mzansi have been waiting for this episode where we get to meet Mpumelelo’s two girlfriend. MaYeni is busy minding her business like she doesn’t even know Mpumelelo. Mayeni doesn’t want to involve herself in Mpumelelos dating life.




Musa has left mzansi talking in social media after he acted shocked by that Mpumelelo is doing. Musa has forgetten that he once told his boys to continue with polygamy. In the last season we saw Musa Mseleku, MaYeni and Mpumelelo discussing how his going to pay damages to the mother of his child. On top of that he was ready to pay lobola on behalf of him to marry his baby mama.

Musa is saying that his very disappointed that his son brought two girlfriend in front of his in-laws. His wifes was left off gut having to see Mpumelelo’s girlfriends. Viewers were shocked to see his girlfriends gibing each other hugs. Mpumelelo is saying that they get well that they’re are now friends. He said they get along so well that they sometimes gang up on him.

Mpumelelo he’s doing exactly what his father is doing. Only Mpumelelo and Sne are living up to their father’s teachings. Mpumelelo has Isthembu (polygamy) and the other one is making kids, to make sure they are amount to 20. Some viewers think that he is just acting for the in-laws. Deep down he is so proud of Mpumelelo, he’s only mad at Sne because she is a girl.

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